Monday, November 22, 2010

A time of prayer and fasting for the orphans

During the past two weeks I have been participating in a fast for 40 days.  While I am not completely fasting on food what I am doing is fasting from all junk food and all food between meals with some select days without food.  I have also been reading a tremendous book titled The Power of Prayer and Fasting by Ronnie Floyd.  I would encourage anyone who reads this blog to purchase this book and consider doing their own fast.  It will change their life if they follow the prayer and fasting guidelines in the book.

But this led me to a thought.  What if everyone in the adoption/orphan community took a single day to 40 days to pray and fast for the orphans.  I believe God might pour out incredible blessings and insight to all in the adoption/orphan care community.  Has this been done in the past?  I am not certain.  Yet, I ask anyone who reads this blog to let me know if they believe a national day of prayer and fasting for the orphan is an idea that should be persued.