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Friday, October 8, 2010

A really good pillow fight last night.

Last night I was in our bedroom with my two girls when a really good pillow fight broke out.  I am not certain who started it, but I know it was a good one.  I will admit the pillows were flying, the bed was bouncing and I have not heard my two girls laugh that hard in a long time.  I think there was some secret aggression being taken out on their father since they both decided to gang up on me.  I should state my girls are 9 and 6 years old and both adopted from China.  Thus, I would like to make a few quick points.

First, it made no difference to me whether the girls were biologial children and as they were striking me with another pillow. I do not think they thought much about the fact they were adopted from China either.  We were simply father and daughters having fun.
Second, it made me sadly think of the 145 Million orphans out there.  There are wounderful agencies who help feed, clothe, and offer some schooling to the children.  Yet, sadly most of these children will never know what it is like to be held by a mother or father and have a fun pillow fight with their dad. 
Third, I am more convinced that children basically act the same all over and the only difference is skin color and physical surroundings.  These orphans cry out for the same thing our kids do.  They need to have basic needs met, but they really want to be held by parents who love them.  And of course an occasional pillow fight.

Let's pray that more and more families will decide to take these orphans into their homes,

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  1. I hear you Jack, adopting kids out of China can't be cheap!